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Testing Services

Comira provides end-to-end testing services for licensing, certification, assessment and educational testing programs. Whether you are upgrading services, changing providers, moving from paper and pencil testing, or revising test objectives, Comira offers the knowledge, technology and service to deliver credibility, stability and success for your program and candidates. Test us.

With Comira's comprehensive testing services – including test development, test administration, and result management – you can be certain that your testing program will be given the care and attention needed to ensure success. Our approach guarantees significant (and often times immediate) value:

  • RIAS™ – Remote Item Authoring System : RIAS™ is a secure, extensible and robust web-based system for exam development, exam deployment, and applicant registration.
  • End-to-end project management and customer support: Our unparalleled commitment to customer care helps simplify your workload and keeps administrative costs low.
  • Over 500 testing facilities: Reduces travel and logistics costs for your testing candidates.
  • Innovative, flexible technology: Provides a strong foundation to support an organization's changing needs and objectives.
  • Highest levels of security: Built from the ground up, our Tier 4, zero-breach security design and processes eliminate costly security risk.
  • Extraordinary expertise: With deep experience across a wide array of professions, we get it right the first time.

For more information about our testing services please contact Alina Cooper at 800-947-4228 ext. 246 or acooper@psionline.com.